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Marble Mining gold mining


Neo Global Trading LLC is part of Global Industires Group, which is a diversified business group, involved in beverages, mining, trading, infrastructure, agriculture and other industries. The group has operations in more than 20 African countries and set to become a dominant business group in these emerging markets. The group has an operational headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

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What We Do .

Copper - Zambia ,Niger

Coal & Peat - Niger,Benin

Food & Beverages - Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi

Real Estate - India


Heavy Mineral Sands - Malawi, Ivory Coast

Titaniferrous Magnetite - Togo

Gold Mining - Eastern African Countries

Marbel & Granite Mining - Turkey, Italy



The process of exploration involves the following stages..

Literature survey
Geological mapping
Identification of gold bearing zones
Three dimension sampling
Estimation of global resource
Pre-feasibility & feasibility exploration

Our Projects.